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Brother printer repairs specialist in Leeds, Bradford and Yorkshire.

If you are looking for a Brother printer repair specialist or Brother service support centre in Leeds, then this is us, our fully experienced Brother engineers are local to Leeds and Bradford, let us know your Brother printer model and the fault and/or the error code that is displaying and we will give you advice on this.

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We repair and service all Brother models from the small desktop mono printers to the stand alone colour multifunction units, just a selection of the Brother models that we cover are as follows 

If you find yourselves searching google for Brother printer repairs near me, Brother printer servicing near me, Brother inkjet printer repairs, Brother printer support, Brother maintenance near me, Brother printer fix near me, Brother printer engineer near me, Brother printer maintenance near me or Brother freelance repairs near me then this is genuinely our company as we are actually based in Leeds, West Yorkshire with a 0113 Leeds telephone number.

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Brother Printer Models

  • Brother HL series HL-1030 Brother HL-1110 Brother HL-1112 Brother HL-1112A Brother HL-1210W Brother HL-1212W Brother HL-1212WVB Brother HL-1230 Brother HL-1240 Brother HL-1250 Brother HL-1270 Brother HL-1270N Brother HL-1430 Brother HL-1440 Brother HL-1450 Brother HL-1470 Brother HL-1650 Brother HL-1650N Brother HL-1670 Brother HL-1670N Brother HL-1850 Brother HL-1850N Brother HL-1870 Brother HL-1870N Brother HL-2030 Brother HL-2035 Brother HL-2037 Brother HL-2040 Brother HL-2050 Brother HL-2070 Brother HL-2070N Brother HL-2130 Brother HL-2132 Brother HL-2135W Brother HL-2140 Brother HL-2140W Brother HL-2150 Brother HL-2150N Brother HL-2170 Brother HL-2170W Brother HL-2240 Brother HL-2240D Brother HL-2250DN Brother HL-2270DW Brother HL-2460 Brother HL-2500 Brother HL-3040CN Brother HL-3070CW Brother HL-3140CW Brother HL-3150CDW Brother HL-3170CDW Brother HL-4000CN Brother HL-4040CN Brother HL-4050CDN Brother HL-4070CDW Brother HL-4140CN Brother HL-4150CDN Brother HL-4200CN Brother HL-4570CDW Brother HL-4570CDWT Brother HL-5030 Brother HL-5030N Brother HL-5040 Brother HL-5040N Brother HL-5050 Brother HL-5050N Brother HL-5070 Brother HL-5070N Brother HL-5100 Brother HL-5130 Brother HL-5140 Brother HL-5150 Brother HL-5150D Brother HL-5170DN Brother HL-5240 Brother HL-5240L Brother HL-5250D Brother HL-5250DN Brother HL-5270D Brother HL-5270DN Brother HL-5280DW Brother HL-5340D Brother HL-5340DL Brother HL-5350DN Brother HL-5350DNLT Brother HL-5370DW Brother HL-5380DN Brother HL-5440D Brother HL-5450DN Brother HL-5450DNT Brother HL-5470DW Brother HL-6050 Brother HL-6050D Brother HL-6050DN Brother HL-6050DW Brother HL-6180DW Brother HL-6180DWT Brother HL-700 Brother HL-7050 Brother HL-7050DLT Brother HL-7050N Brother HL-7050NLT Brother HL-720 Brother HL-730 Plus Brother HL-730DX Brother HL-760 Brother HL-760 Plus Brother HL-L2300D Brother HL-L2310D Brother HL-L2340DW Brother HL-L2350DW Brother HL-L2360DN Brother HL-L2360DW Brother HL-L2365DW Brother HL-L2370DN Brother HL-L2370DW Brother HL-L2370DW XL Brother HL-L2375DW Brother HL-L3210CW Brother HL-L3230CDW Brother HL-L3270CDW Brother HL-L5000D Brother HL-L5050DN Brother HL-L5100DN Brother HL-L5100DNT Brother HL-L5200DW Brother HL-L5200DWT Brother HL-L6250DN Brother HL-L6300DW Brother HL-L6300DWT Brother HL-L6400DW Brother HL-L6400DWT Brother HL-L8250CDN Brother HL-L8260CDW Brother HL-L8350CDW Brother HL-L8360CDW Brother HL-L9200CDWT Brother HL-L9300CDWT Brother HL-L9310CDW Brother HL-P2500


  • Brother MFC series MFC-1810 Brother MFC-1910 Brother MFC-1910W Brother MFC-4300 Brother MFC-4350 Brother MFC-4450 Brother MFC-4550 Brother MFC-4550 Plus Brother MFC-4600 Brother MFC-4650 Brother MFC-4800 Brother MFC-6550 Brother MFC-6550 MC Brother MFC-7225N Brother MFC-7320 Brother MFC-7360N Brother MFC-7420 Brother MFC-7440N Brother MFC-7460DN Brother MFC-7460N Brother MFC-7550 Brother MFC-7550MC Brother MFC-7650 Brother MFC-7650 MC Brother MFC-7750 Brother MFC-7820N Brother MFC-7840W Brother MFC-7860DW Brother MFC-8070 Brother MFC-8070P Brother MFC-8220 Brother MFC-8370DN Brother MFC-8380DN Brother MFC-8420 Brother MFC-8440 Brother MFC-8440d Brother MFC-8440dn Brother MFC-8460N Brother MFC-8510DN Brother MFC-8520DN Brother MFC-8820 Brother MFC-8820D Brother MFC-8820DN Brother MFC-8840D Brother MFC-8840DN Brother MFC-8860DN Brother MFC-8870DW Brother MFC-8880DN Brother MFC-8890DW Brother MFC-8950DW Brother MFC-8950DWT Brother MFC-9030 Brother MFC-9050 Brother MFC-9060 Brother MFC-9070 Brother MFC-9120CN Brother MFC-9140CDN Brother MFC-9160 Brother MFC-9180 Brother MFC-9320CW Brother MFC-9330CDW Brother MFC-9340CDW Brother MFC-9440CN Brother MFC-9450CDN Brother MFC-9460CDN Brother MFC-9465CDN Brother MFC-9500 Brother MFC-9550 Brother MFC-9650 Brother MFC-9660 Brother MFC-9660N Brother MFC-9750 Brother MFC-9760 Brother MFC-9840 Brother MFC-9840CDW Brother MFC-9860 Brother MFC-9870 Brother MFC-9870N Brother MFC-9880 Brother MFC-9970CDW Brother MFC-L2700DN Brother MFC-L2700DW Brother MFC-L2710DN Brother MFC-L2710DW Brother MFC-L2720DW Brother MFC-L2730DW Brother MFC-L2740CW Brother MFC-L2740DW Brother MFC-L2750DW Brother MFC-L3710CW Brother MFC-L3730CDN Brother MFC-L3750CDW Brother MFC-L3770CDW Brother MFC-L5700DN Brother MFC-L5750DW Brother MFC-L6800DW Brother MFC-L6800DWT Brother MFC-L6900DW Brother MFC-L6900DWT Brother MFC-L8650CDW Brother MFC-L8690CDW Brother MFC-L8850CDW Brother MFC-L8900CDW Brother MFC-L9550CDWT Brother MFC-L9570CDW


  • Brother DCP series DCP-1510 Brother DCP-1512 Brother DCP-1610W Brother DCP-1612W Brother DCP-1612WVB Brother DCP-7010 Brother DCP-7010L Brother DCP-7020 Brother DCP-7025 Brother DCP-7030 Brother DCP-7040 Brother DCP-7045N Brother DCP-7055 Brother DCP-7055W Brother DCP-7060D Brother DCP-7065DN Brother DCP-7070DW Brother DCP-8020 Brother DCP-8025D Brother DCP-8025DN Brother DCP-8040 Brother DCP-8045D Brother DCP-8045DN Brother DCP-8060 Brother DCP-8065DN Brother DCP-8070D Brother DCP-8085DN Brother DCP-8110DN Brother DCP-8250DN Brother DCP-9010CN Brother DCP-9015CDW Brother DCP-9020CDW Brother DCP-9040CN Brother DCP-9042CDN Brother DCP-9045CDN Brother DCP-9055CDN Brother DCP-9055CDW Brother DCP-9270CDN Brother DCP-L2500D Brother DCP-L2510D Brother DCP-L2520DW Brother DCP-L2530DW Brother DCP-L2540DN Brother DCP-L2550DN Brother DCP-L2560DW Brother DCP-L3510CDW Brother DCP-L3517CDW Brother DCP-L3550CDW Brother DCP-L5500DN Brother DCP-L6600DW Brother DCP-L8400CDN Brother DCP-L8410CDW Brother DCP-L8450CDW


  • Brother Fax-2490 Brother Fax-2820 Brother Fax-2840 Brother Fax-2850 Brother Fax-2920 Brother Fax-2940 Brother Fax-4750 Brother Fax-5750 Brother Fax-8000P Brother Fax-8050P Brother Fax-8060P Brother Fax-8070P Brother Fax-8200P Brother Fax-8250P Brother Fax-8300J Brother Fax-8350P Brother Fax-8360P Brother Fax-8370 Brother Fax-8650P Brother Fax-8750P


Common Brother error codes include

  • E50 - Fuser unit failure
  • E51 - Laser unit fault
  • E54 - Main motor fault
  • E60 - Fan malfunction
  • E55 - Power supply issue
  • E2 - Problem with the main PCB
  • 8F - Main paper feed motor
  • A5 - Main scanner assembly
  • E0 - Moden issue
  • 4F - Printhead fault

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For help diagnosing any error codes, see below to a list of the popular Brother HL3140 - HL3170 series or printer

13 Developing bias correction failure(Error, which cannot be recorded, occurs.) 14 Developing bias correction failure (Toner life end) 15 Developing bias correction failure(Incorrect measurement value of developing bias correction) 16 colour registration adjustment failure(Error, which cannot be recorded, occurs.) 17 colour registration adjustment failure(Toner life end) 18 colour registration adjustment failure(Incorrect measurement value of colour registration adjustment) 1A Dew condensation on high-voltage power supply PCB 1BDrum error 1C Drum error (M) 1D Drum error (Y) 20 LED ASSY error (K) 21 LED ASSY error (Y) 22 LED ASSY error (M) 23 LED ASSY error 24 Internal temperature sensor error 25 Develop drive motor error 26 Belt drive motor error 28 Drum drive motor error 29 Belt cleaner drive motor error 2A Develop release motor error 2C Toner/New sensor PCB error (K) 2D Toner/New sensor PCB error (Y) 2E Toner/New sensor PCB error (M) 2F Toner/New sensor PCB error 31 Density sensor error Density sensor shutter performance 32 malfunction codes 3-1033 Right colour registration sensor error 34 Left colour registration sensor error 3-1036 HVPS PCB error in ready state 37 Belt thermistor error 3-1138 External temperature sensor error 39 External humidity sensor error 3A Engine PCB transfer error 3-11 3B Main PCB RAM error 3E NVRAM transfer error 3-1140 HVPS PCB error in operating 42 HVPS control PCB transfer error 3-1243 Main/Engine ASIC transfer error 44 No toner cartridge (K) 45 No toner cartridge (Y) 3-1246 No toner cartridge (M) 47 No toner cartridge 3-1348 Drum life end (K) 3-1349 Drum life end (Y) 3-134A Drum life end (M) 3-144B Drum life end 3-144C Drum life end soon (K) 3-144D Drum life end soon (Y) 3-144E Drum life end soon (M) 3-144F Drum life end soon 3-1552Paper feeding kit life end 3-1554 Fuser unit life end 3-1556 Fuser cover opened 3-1558 Fuser unit error (Some kind of temperature error of the fuser unit occurs.) 3-153-1659 Fuser unit error (Re-detection of fuser unit failure upon startup after 3-16 the error code 58 occurs.) 3-163-165B Short paper 3-175C Small paper 3-175D Belt unit life end soon 5E Belt unit life end 5F Waste toner box near full 60 Toner life end 61 Toner life end (M) 62 Toner life end (Y) 63 Toner life end (K) 64 Toner life end soon 65 Toner life end soon (M) 66 Toner life end soon (Y) 67 Toner life end soon (K) 6A Fuser unit error (The centre thermistor does not detect 60°C within the specified time.) 6B Fuser unit error (The centre thermistor does not detect 100 °C within the specified time.) 6C Fuser unit error (The centre thermistor detects higher temperature than the specified value.) 6D Fuser unit error(The centre thermistor detects lower temperature than the specified value.) 6F Fuser unit error (The centre or side thermistors detect extremely high temperature.) 70 Fuser/Eject drive motor error 73 Recording ASIC read/write error 74 Toner of the colour which is being used reaches the end of life while printing. 75 Machine cooling down inside 76 Fuser unit error (The centre thermistor detects rapid temperature rising.)78 Fuser unit error (The centre thermistor detects rapid temperature falling.) 7D Dirt on drum unit 81 Incorrect density sensor measurement value when implementing adjustment of colour density from the control panel cover ASSY. 82 Density patch measurement is not completed normally when implementing adjustment of colour density from the control panel cover ASSY. 83 Drum error (K) Refer Error to: codes 3-2784 Paper jam at the back of the machine inside 3-283-2887 Toner of the colour which is being used reaches the end of life when 3-28 implementing adjustment of colour 3-28 density from the control panel cover ASSY. 3-293-2988 Paper jam inside the machine 3-298A Paper jam in paper tray 3-298D Eject front sensor sticking at ON upon startup 3-258E Error in the adjustment of colour registration result when implementing it from the control panel cover ASSY .3-258F Detection of abnormal value of registration sensor sensitivity when implementing adjustment of colour registration from the control panel 3-25 cover ASSY 91 Size mismatch 3-2594 No paper in paper tray 96 No paper in all trays 97 Not supported paper 3-259 ANo paper in manual feed slot 9D Detection of incorrect registration sensor measurement value when 3-29 implementing adjustment of colour registration from the control panel 3-30 cover ASSY 3-309E Toner of the colour which is being used reaches the end of life when 3-31 implementing adjustment of colour registration from the control panel 3-25 cover ASSY. 3-269 F No paper while printing A1 Top cover opened 3-31C0 Identification failure for a new toner cartridge (K)3-34C1Identification failure for a new toner cartridge (Y) C2 Identification failure for a new toner 3-34 cartridge (M) C3 Identification failure for a new toner cartridge C6 Pressure engagement / disengagement failure of toner cartridge 3-13C7 Insufficient memory C8 RAM area for secure data full C9 DIMM error CA Excess current to USB device CB No belt unit CE No waste toner box CF Waste toner box full DE Thermistor of fuser unit misconnected E0 Program error E1 Program error E2 Temperature error of heat roller E3 Drum motor origin sensor failure E6 Write error in EEPROM E9 Maintenance monitor error EC Main fan error Refer Error to : codes 3-42E Flow - voltage power supply PCB failure 3-43F2 Waste toner box near full 3-43F4 Waste toner box life end 3-44F9 Power turned OFF while the function code 74 is being executed and 3-44"PARAMETER INT" is being displayed 3-453-45FA No drum unit (K) 3-45FB No drum unit 3-46FC No drum unit (M) 3-46 FD No drum unit (Y) 3-46 FEDetection of incorrect measurement value of density sensor sensitivity 3-21 calibration 3-473-47FF Overcurrent error of wireless LAN PCB

With many Brother printers you have to reset the drum count even if you have installed a new drum unit, this is normally done by holding down a button when the front cover is open for so many seconds, details should be in your user manual, if you are not so sure give us a call with your model number.

Transfer belts, fuser units, drum units, PF kit1, PF kit 2 and other consumables can often be reset and don't need to be swapped

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